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Japan By The Numbers – Tokaido Shinkansen


This month’s number is 342.

There are 342 Shinkansen everyday between Tokyo and Osaka (171 in each direction). The trains will normally start operating about 6:30AM and stop at about 12:30AM. That means there is a train every 6.3 minutes.

1964 – The year the Shinkansen started operating

285/177 – Maximum speed of the Tokaido Shinkansen in km/hour and miles/hour

405/1328 – Length of each Shinkansen in meters and feet

1,200 – Normal number of seats on each Shinkansen

454,000 – Average daily ridership (2016)

165,710,000 – Annual ridership (2016)

0.9 – Average delay in minutes from schedule per train (including delays due to uncontrollable such as natural disasters and weather)

0 – The number of accidents since the Shinkansen started operating

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