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Verna Carmel French

Kumano Kodo Highlights
June 7, 2015 - November 30, -0001
We did gain an insight into the very special Kumano Sanzen, and it enriches our lives and invites further experience of Japan's culture and heritage
A wonderful experience. Glad to have early starts.
Felt abashed at the level of luxury while on the spiritual Kumano Sanzen! However it did not harm my relationship with the deities and did a lot for my corporeal being.
Loved the quality and variety of cuisine. I have already bought English language Japanese cookbooks.
The guides, Mike, Kennis, Kimmi, Shu, and Tada were kind, helpful, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. My experience was enhanced by their personalities and felt welcome and "at home"in Japan because of their expertise.
Pre-Tour Handbook
Amendment needed re Yunomine Onsen I managed to climb to Kamikura Jinja well supported by a walking stick but as I am somewhat fearful of heights I would have appreciated the closer presence of our guide on the way down for reassurance only.
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