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Bruce Fujikawa

Best of Hokkaido and Tohoku
October 22, 2023 - November 5, 2023
Having part of tour occur during national holiday added logistical problems that should have been anticipated.
If it is logically possible, it would be much better to start the tour in Sapporo rather than Tokyo. That would save a day of unnecessary travel and being without main luggage for three days. On the 13th day, instead of stopping at Kinugawa Onsen, continue on to Nikko. This would allow for more time in Nikko as the Kinugawa Onsen is not that great and there is nothing around it. I was disappointed in Ouchijuku as I was expecting something more like a \"Williamsburg\" village not just a row of shops like a big mall.
The bathrooms at some places were really small and hard to use with no counter space. The extra expense of the detached rooms at Kinugawa Onsen were not worth it. Felt old and not up to standard.
No complaints about the food although it would have been nice to have a sushi dinner instead of one of the Kaiseki dinners.
Chiko Mukai was extremely helpful and accommodating all of our requests for help, shopping and information. She provided extra walking tours during free time that added to our experience and she tried her best to make the trip as interesting as possible for all travelers.
Pre-Tour Handbook
Tour Organization
It would be nice if luggage forwarding service were faster so it would be at next destination rather than two ahead.
Tour Transportation
OK but carrying luggage to so many trains is tiresome. Could use more taxis.

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