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Mike and Susie Haubenstock

Best of Hokkaido and Tohoku
October 22, 2023 - November 5, 2023
We did okay with the luggage forwarding and carrying our overnight bags, but probably wouldn\'t choose to do that again.
We loved Northern Japan, and in particular we were away from Western tourists and got to experience Japan more like a local, or at least a Japanese tourist
All hotels were very good except the Kinugawa Park Hotel, where rooms were far away, down many stairs, and very dated. Many complained of moldy shower curtains and broken windows.
Loved the variety of food, which often required explanation of what we were eating (which was fun...including the fermented squid guts!)
Chico was a competent guide...very well organized, kept us informed, had all the tickets organized, kept us on schedule. She particularly helped me when i left my backpack on a train and she pursued it with lost and found and arranged tickets for me to retrieve it. She was my hero that day.We have been on many tours and have to say that she does not rate with our favorite guides. A few suggestions for her to be even better: . Share more of herself, as an example of how Japanese live. She answered questions but did not volunteer much , When we were on our own for a lunch or dinner, she could say that she is going to such and such a place that she likes and anyone is welcome to join her. She often did not join us for optional meals. . Be more outgoing, share stories of her other tours and travels, and about Japanese society and culture/ . Collect phone numbers of all the travelers. We once were considering a change in departure time and she couldn\'t text everyone to notify them. . We have been on other tours where the guides have a small slush fund. They often used it to purchase local candies or delicacies to share with everyone. Just something fun.
Pre-Tour Handbook
All comprehensive and good. Might have been nice to have the phone number of who was meeting us at the airport, just in case.
Tour Organization
Very organized. All tickets bought in advance. Reserved seats when possible. Luggage forwarding worked very well.. We were dissappointed that Chico did not come to the sayonara dinner.
Tour Transportation
All transportation went smoothly (except when no taxis were available in Nikko). Sometimes a bit overwhelming and time consuming when you have 3+ trains in one day.

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