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C E Colson

Best of Shikoku and Kyushu
May 7, 2023 - May 21, 2023
This is our second Samurai experience, and I would not hesitate to recommend them.
Did what I was hoping: took me to places I\'d be unlikely to find/select on my own.
Always clean and well-situated. However, while the traditional Japanese accommodations were charming (and instructive), I (and my back) would have a preferred a few more Western rooms. I traveled singly -- don\'t know if we would have received larger rooms if I\'d been traveling with my wife.
Excellent, with an attempt to provide a variety of foods and styles of dining.
The tour leader provided just the right amount of information (for me) -- local guides often know their region so well that they tend to get far into the weeds -- Mike hit the sweet spot, but was always able to provide more if you requested. Also, he adjusted well to unforeseen obstacles in the planned itinerary.
Pre-Tour Handbook
In addition, Samurai was quick to answer my (steady stream of) questions in advance of departure.
Tour Organization
First, Samurai was VERY good about arranging for me and my friends to join the tour on Tour Day 3. The practice of having the group split up and take separate taxis to destinations (necessitated by our awkward number -- four travelers plus the lead) is awkward and sometimes resulted in problems.
Tour Transportation
Travel by Japan Rail worked beautifully. Also, see above.

Would you go on another tour operating by Samurai Tours: Yes!

Would you recommend Samurai Tours to friends or family: Yes!