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john david adamski

Best of Hokkaido and Tohoku
October 13, 2019 - October 27, 2019
Thank you for your feedback on our tours. We appreciate your comments and try to apply them to future tour planning. We are glad you had a good time, and we hope you travel with us again soon!~ Samurai Tours Staff
for the part of trip that was not impacted by typhoon was good.
the lodging was great
the food was great. evening meal is not usually my big meal so was a little uneasy to have sure large meals part of tour.
guides where good - the last transfer and transport to hotel for last diner was a bit chaotic due to two tours ending at same time and meeting at train station.
Pre-Tour Handbook
Tour Organization
over all was ok, there was a few mis-communications, not sure exactly the cause. nothing drastic
Tour Transportation

Would you go on another tour operating by Samurai Tours: Yes!

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