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Sean Peters

Best of Japan Self Guided
March 2, 2019 - January 1, 1970
Of all the countries on Earth, Japan is the one I\'ve wanted to visit the most (and for most of my life). This wasn\'t a vacation, but more like a pilgrimage. I had a fantastic experience on this trip. I am beyond impressed with Samurai Tours. They blew my mind in every aspect of the trip. Everything was so easy and convenient (which I know is also how Japan operates). Thanks to this trip, I\'m looking forward to not only returning to Japan in the near future, but also establishing more formal ties with Japan. This was a \"once in a lifetime\" opportunity and it has already changed my mind in so many ways._______________________________________________________We're so happy you had such a wonderful time on your tour! There are so many interesting and unique things about traveling in Japan and we are so glad you had such a good experience. We hope to see you again in Japan in the future! ~ Samurai Tours Staff
I really appreciated the diversity of the locations visited, from the small town of Kamakura to the metropolis of Tokyo. Each city and town had its own personality and unique attractions. I know this tour was only 2 weeks, so there were major time constraints. I would\'ve liked to see more of Osaka. But I guess that\'s for next time!
All of the accommodations were fantastic. In regards to the ryokans and the Buddhist temple at Koyasan, I really like how the tour slowly prepared us for a more traditional Japanese experience starting with the ryokan in Hakone. From that point forward, I feel as I stepped further and further into an authentic experience, culminating with my stay in Koyasan. This allowed time for adjustment and reduced the effects of culture shock.
The food was fantastic everywhere we went. Thanks to apps like TripAdvisor, it was super easy (and fun) to try new and random places. It was very convenient that all of the hotels provided breakfast. Actually, 3 lodgings provided dinner (the itinerary only listed one): the ryokan in Takayama; the Buddhist Temple in Koyasan (expected); and the Dormy Inn Kyoto!
The guide who met us at the airport and gave us all of our paperwork and helped us acquire our JR Rail Pass and reservations was extremely friendly and helpful. Our 8-hour guide on Monday, Hisakoo-san, was absolutely wonderful. She taught us how to load our SUICA cards, navigate the subways, transportation etiquette, restaurant etiquette, and some cultural norms. That first full day with a guide was pivotal to helping us navigate and explore the country with ease.
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I really enjoyed how the tour stepped us deeper and deeper into Japan, from Tokyo into the Japanese Alps and down the coastline to Hiroshima. Each locality built on the next one.
Tour Transportation
\"Frighteningly on time\" was the phrase used in the handbook and it couldn\'t have been more accurate. And I loved it!!

Would you go on another tour operating by Samurai Tours: Yes!

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