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Janet Pickover

Best of Japan Your Way
November 1, 2008 - November 16, 2008
Small points- when Tammy was going over the characters at the castle, it may have been less awkward if we each had a copy of the letters to follow.When we entered a place or site to visit, I would have each of the guides give us a meet up place and time, just in case one got separated from the group.Had a great time. I'll send pictures if you like. Let me know.
Except for Miyajima, all was fine. Even in Miyajima, the view was great and food was very good. My favorite place was in Kyoto. FYI-The ryokan in Tokyo had a problem with room air temperature and it was way too hot. Also, didn't like the rule not being able to go back to your room during the day because they cleaned until 3 pm. They did accommodate me at 2:30 pm.
If we had not had all of the first day activities in Tokyo split over two days because of the holiday, I don't know how much more tiring it would be. We were pretty knocked out even without the fish market on the first full day.
Fun and interesting
Each very different but cared about the group.
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