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Hokkaido Rail and Drive
November 30, -0001 - November 30, -0001
We had a great time and wonderful experiences. Like most other trips we took, we learned a lot of the local cultures and the unique geography and beautiful nature of the places. We also got to experience the different types of transportation in this trip, including car, bus, and train rides. The pace was good too. I only wish that I could speak some Japanese to enjoy more!
The itinerary was great. we saw and visited some of the most great places in Hokkaido.
All were great except the first Ryokan in Sapporo, the Nakamuraya Ryokan. The substituted Dormy Inn at Abashiri was new but very tight in spaces.
Most of the breakfast were great with much variety of dishes. The substituted dinner at Abashiri was not as well received by most of our group. It did not appear to represent what was projected in the brochure.
The main guide, Chiwako, was great. She was experience, courteous, and helpful in all aspects of the guiding. Very thorough and detail-oriented. Martin was the nicest driver and person to have. However, he was not much of a guide. He basically drove us from one place to another. I understand he is rather new at this route by himself. ( I realize also that the plan was changed due to the rail track damage, and rail was switched to drive for one segment of the tour). Besides visiting the beautiful areas and sights, we did not have much other information of those places without a guide. However, Martin is the real gentleman and the nicest driver we had.
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Top notch.
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