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Larry and Iris Hattersley

Best of Japan Alps
September 14, 2014 - November 30, -0001
Keep up with the high standards that you have now and the business will countiue to grow.
Don't know how a tour could get any better than this one. Would have like to had a second day in Kanazawa. Seemed like there was a lot more to see and do.
Wow, way better then the Fall Foliage Tour that we were on in 2012. Not that there was anything wrong with the Fall Foliage lodging. It amazed me that we were able to stay in Ryokans like the Hotel Shirakabose, Chaya Ryokan and the Chisun Grand. I liked the idea that the tour ended at a westerin hotel. It gave us a chance to spread out and pack.
Never had a bad meal or went away hungry.
All in the group agreed that we never had a better guide than Hitomi Hirasawa. She was personnable, friendly, knowleable and very organized. The group really bonded with her. She is a huge asset to Samuari Tours.Mitsuko Sunada in Takayma and Kanzawa was friendly and knowleable. She had so many things that she wanted to show us and tell us about in Kanazawa, but was unable to because of the short stay. Perked our intyerest in wanting to stay in Kanazawa for a least another day.Big thanks to Etsuko Ogikubo "Ogi" for metting us on arravial and making sure we got on the right train for the airport at Toyko station on departure.
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