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Ilona Kwiecien

October 27, 2013 - November 30, -0001
Despite some of the issues I mentioned, I am glad I chose Samurai and was able to become acquainted with parts of Japan from the perspective your tour offered.
For my stay in Tokyo I had asked for a personal tour on my second day there...instead it was arranged for the first day; having arrived at the hotel close to midnight, it was a miracle I was able to keep up.
Arrangements in Kyoto were fine. The hotel in Tokyo had a great breakfast, but I was told wi-fi was available in the lobby, which it was not. I had no connectivity while there.
Best Japanese meal was during my tour in Tokyo, and the "zen" luncheon was very interesting and authentic...a memorable experience. Our farewell meal in Kyoto was a disappointment; I would not recommend taking other groups there.
Ken was just great....very knowledgeable and willing to go the extra step.
Pre-Tour Handbook
Things seemed to be going fine until Michelle became involved; from that point on there was just one "hiccup" after another. It is my impression that she needs to learn to pay more attention to detail. Just one example,..though I pointed out from the initial misspelling of my name that it was wrong, final documents still contained the same error. I received my tour information only about a week before I left the states, and only after sending out an email wondering when they would be sent. I must say the content was very informative, but at that point I really had no time to read it until I was e route.
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