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Mark Haden

November 30, -0001 - November 30, -0001
Spectacular job! Well thought out, great detail made this once in a lifetime vacation truly special.
It was a very logical and smart way to see Central Japan. I have to say that the level of detail was impressive and well thought out. It made doing a self-guided tour very easy in a very different country.
We stayed in a western style hotel in Tokyo, then ryokans the rest of the trip. We really liked all the lodging except the last one – the Heianbo in Kyoto. In fairness, this came right after the Chaya in Kanazawa which was the best place we stayed on this trip by far. Honestly, as lovely as the family is that run the Heianbo, they really have a challenge there. It’s got a mosquito problem – and a water bug the size of my thumb payed us nightly visits (luckily my wife never saw him). I’d suggest that you offer an upgraded property in Kyoto on the heels of the Chaya – loved that place.

Anyway, I really think that the selection overall was terrific – it was my idea to stay with lower cost lodging as there were 5 of us traveling so I can’t really complain.

The breakfast at the Chaya was the best and the Kaiseki at Ryokan Asunaro was wonderful. We all really enjoyed the cuisine of Japan except were lukewarm on the traditional Japanese breakfast. That’s our issue though!
Just had the one guide in Tokyo for only a half day as she had a prior afternoon commitment. That said, she was a lovely person and did a very good job.
Pre-Tour Handbook
I am a ridiculously organized person and I have to say, the itinerary and information given was unbelievably good. I can’t imagine any way to improve upon it. It all made a see-guided tour a pleasure – all we had to do was decide just what to see!
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Would you go on another tour operating by Samurai Tours: Yes!

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