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Meet our Staff – Tammy

Hello from Japan! It’s Tammy (Ota-san) from Kyoto Office. I have been working as a regional manager for Samurai Tours for 15 years.

When Mike, the owner of Samurai Tours, started taking guests around Japan 17 years ago, he did everything from guiding to accounting. Now 10 Japanese staffers and 100 local guides work for us. We are like a rugby team. Each of us works as one team to serve our guests.

We put our utmost attention and care to the smallest details of the tour to satisfy and please our guests. That’s why many of our guests say they are treated like princes and princesses by our guides. We have a very high ratio of repeating customers. Quite a few of our guests like our service so much that they come to Japan using our service more than 5 times!

One of these repeating customers liked us so much that he became one of our staffers.

I hope to see you soon in Japan!


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  1. Brian Preston

    Konnichiwa Tammy-san! It was so good to see you again in the latest Samurai Tours e-newsletter. You area wonderful guide and person. I totally enjoyed my tour (or maybe even more than 1 tour with you as I have been over to Japan 7 times so far and I consider Japan my home in a previous life…maybe I am part Buddhist!). With this pandemic I haven’t been able to pick a trip yet and be assured of uninterrupted air travel etc. As soon as I feel comfortable I have already told ‘Sensei Mike’ that I will return! Sayonara (for now) and stay healthy!

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